LED Panel Montreal Location LED Panel


Led Panel on Battery or AC, comes with Gold Mount® for Anton Bauer batteries

    • 576 LEDs at high luminosity
    • 40W, Max 3200Lux @ 1M
    • DMX control
    • 10%-100% flick-free dimming
    • Colour temperature: 5600K "daylight", also with 3200K "Tungsten" filter
    • Touch LCD for display and control
    • U-shape mount for tripod


Mini Led Panel, battery operated, for mounting on a camera

  • Comes with a Diffuser Panel
  • 5600K
  • Dimmable

Panneau de LED Pour CaméraPanneau de LED Pour Caméra
Panneau de LED Pour Caméra

Lumahawk Slimline Studio LED Lights LMX-LD1500A

4'x1' feet Slimline, made to be homogeneous while taking a minimal amount of space.

  • Works with Battery or on AC
  • 1500 white LEDs
  • Luminous level can be controlled thanks to the built-in dimmer
Illuminance 15000Lux/50cm
Equivalent Tungsten  1500 W
Colour Temperature 5600K
Power Consumption 90W
Width cm (in) 99 (38.9)
Height cm (in) 19 (7.5)
Depth cm (in) 4.5 (1.7)
Weight kg (lbs) 4.1(9.1)

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