Tie-in - Cam-Lock F
Tie-In Stove and dryer

Seaway 25'
Seaway 50'

5k Joy 25'
5k Joy 50'

Spider Joy
Plum Box 4 way

AC 25' (12/3)
AC 50' (12/3)

Cam-Lock Cover

Twist Lock

Inverter / Battery

12v/110v Inverters
12V Battery belts and chargers


Distribution Boxes, 2 or 3 phases, cam-lock inputs - Joy outputs

AC Power Bars


Socapex spider For Spacelight

Dimmer / Console

Electric Dimmer 1000w
Electric Dimmer 5000w

Magnetic Dimmer 2000w
Magnetic Dimmer 5000w


Adaptor 220v Euro M - 120v Usa F
Cube Tap
Cheater/Ground Lifter
Socket M - 2x Socket F
Socket Reducer bulb