We are supplying several kinds of  traditional teleprompters but also presidential type, aka "Obama", projectors, lcd screens etc and they always come with qualified prompter operators.

Our prompter services are only available with qualified technicians, we don't rent prompters alone. Our clients include Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, ex Prime Minister Paul Martin, McDonald's Canada CEO, TV shows like La Voix, feature films etc

Listec™ ENT-1717PT teleprompter

17 inches LCD screen

The most versatile, easy to assemble and carry, it could adapt to any cameras from a small DSLR up to an ARRI Alexa.

We could also distribute the text on several floor screens, with or without a main camera prompter, with a scrolling text or even a PowerPoint presentation.

Télé soufleur prompter
Listec ENT-1717PT prompter

Autoscript LED 19 TFT+PLUS+ teleprompter

Hyper Bright 19 inch LCD screen

Easy to read 20+ feet in a well light studio, it even has a composite video input for use as live video interrotron

Location prompter
Autoscript LED 19 TFT+PLUS+ prompter
Hyper bright screen readable easily from 20 feet even in a tv studio !

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