We just made the acquisition of the legendary Zoom Canon 80-200mm, also known as «Magic Drainpipe». It got its nickname thanks to its robustness: ‘as heavy as a real drainpipe‘. It’s fabricated with a robust metal, and his dive and its looks make it the ideal product for videos, whether in HD or in UHD.

This zoom has a parfocal. It holds the perfect focus starting at 80mm to 200mm.

It has a stunning bokeh. Needless to say, since most of the Canon L telephoto lenses offer an excellent focus quality and an incredible oiliness.

And finally, it possesses a micro-contrast and the sensation of Zeiss quality, making it go PERFECTLY with lenses such as AE or MM Contax. Think about how much the Angénieux zoom blends well with Cooke’s premiums… The same thing happens here. The lens Angénieux and Cooke are not exactly the same, but they are complementary and offer a similar look. The same thing happens for the primes 80-200 F2.8 L and Contax.

Oh, did I mention that the premium was excellent with an F2.8?